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April 3, 2024

Solid Mahogany


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Solid Mahogany & Etched Brass Puzzle Box
w/ Dark Mahogany Stain

The Puzzle Box Shop presents our MOVIE Quality Solid Mahogany Cube with Etched Brass Panels. This cube's designs are based on the same designs used in the original Hellraiser movie with all six sides being completely different. We also put extra care so that the placement order and positioning is the same as the box in the original movie. The Brass panels were etched by a professional etching company to assure the finest detail and quality available. The cube measures 3 inches per side and has a clear lacquer applied to help slow the tarnishing down and help keep the brass secure.

You will not find a better replica of the original Lament Configuration than here. FREE US Shipping!

$199.00 OUT OF STOCK

Please be aware that this piece is not pre-made and may take up to four weeks to complete due to their demand

Each box is individually handcrafted for you and comes with a personalized signed
Certificate Of Authenticity from The Puzzle Box Shop .

An unboxing review by "lestatsmith69" who purchased the dome and Brass & Mahogany Cube and stand. Each item was sold separately.

Here is the full review from the same customer ""

"Just received my puzzle box, and it exceeds my expectations. The photos on your company website, though good, do not do the product full justice."

"What an excellent job."

Best regards,
Greg R,
St. Petersburg, FL

"My box just arrived today and what can I say other than WOW. This Beautiful item is the finest thing i ever seen.You are my boxmaster Kevin. Thank you very very much again for the hard work of this wonderful piece of art."

Michael F.

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hellraiser puzzle box pinhead cenobites philip lemarchand lament configuration make-up masks